Kits that will make the kiddos busy bees for hours! From simple to complex concepts, our curated range of activity kits have something for every level and interest.


Sewing Toys - Elephant

Rs. 295.00

Fruit 1 spy and Domino Activity

Rs. 499.00

Colourful Typewriter

Rs. 599.00

Sewing Toys - Teddy Bear

Rs. 295.00

Sewing Toys - Horse

Rs. 295.00

5 Senses sorting Activity

Rs. 450.00

Home Calendar- English

Rs. 749.00

Paint Your Own Mandala Art Coasters DIY Activity Box For Kids

Rs. 899.00

Sewing Toys - Lion

Rs. 295.00

Sewing Toys - Camel

Rs. 295.00

Montessori Chowki

Rs. 1,595.00

Aquatic Hopscotch Mat

Rs. 1,900.00