Hello lovely people!

Lil' thugs is all about the kids. 
Our journey of exploration and creativity began with a minimalist kids clothing brand and we soon realized there was a lot more we could offer children and parents. Lil' thugs will always be about curation and showcasing brands that are tuned to our children's needs. Children have an insatiable curiosity and an uncluttered mind, which is reflected in the simplicity of our platform. Keeping you as our discerning audiences in mind, we have strived to create an environment where our bespoke brands can proudly display their products to you. Lil thugs is lovingly nurtured by Prachi and Nikkhil Shirodkar, partners in life and now in business as well and their 11 year old son who loves to play with his two cats all the while pretending to do homework and sports.
So enjoy your shopping and we hope that the products we offer on our platform will make wonderful choices for your Lil' thugs. 
Happy Shopping!